2019 Community Survey Results

4,800 Marin Residents Contributed to Parks' 2019 Community Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated!

160 community groups helped promote the survey, and individuals across Marin helped get the word out by sharing with neighbors, family, and friends.

Key Overall Findings


Approve of the Work Parks is Doing

28.4% said great job
47.3% said good job


Are Highly Engaged Residents

46.2% visit parks or preserves weekly
18.6% visit parks or preserves daily


Want to Maintain or Increase Funding

for vegetation management, fire fuel reduction, road and trail maintenance, and parks maintenance


Have Noticed Tangible Improvements

47.2% aware of improvements
30.2% cited improved trail maintenance

"It was time to check in with residents across the county. We are taking immediate steps to use the feedback we received for budget planning. The survey results, along with Parks ongoing commitment to environmental protection, will guide how we apply Measure A funds and other resources." – Max Korten, Director and General Manager

Top Budget Priorities

Ranger removing eucalyptus brush 


Vegetation Management and Wildland Fire Fuels Reduction

Important or
Very Important

Big Rock Trail 


Road and Trail Maintenance and Improvements

Important or
Very Important

Twin brothers at new Stafford Lake Park playground 


Park Facilities Maintenance and Improvements

Important or
Very Important

Survey takers also listed wetlands and sea level rise, science and research, events and programs, and land acquisition as important funding priorities.


Listed cost of entrance and fees as an obstacle to enjoying Marin County Parks

"Ensuring all residents have access to enjoyable park outings is a priority for our department, and we are seeking to remove barriers to visiting while providing the best experience possible." – Kevin Wright, External Affairs Manager

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