Creekside Restoration

A multi-year project restores shoreline habitat in Hal Brown Park at Creekside.


  • Eradicate invasive weeds and re-introduce native plants.
  • Restore habitat for endangered shorebirds like the Ridgeway's rail.
  • Maintain the beauty of the Corte Madera Creek shoreline.
  • Improve drainage to reduce flooding and improve tidal flow.


  • Manual invasive weed eradication, by hand pulling and sheet mulching.
  • Diverse palette of native plants.
  • 60-inch culvert upstream of the Bon Air Bridge replaced with three 60-inch culverts, to increase tidal prism in Corte Madera Creek.

Culvert construction was partially funded by a grant of $249,370 secured by the Friends of Corte Madera Creek Watershed from the state Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).


  • 2008–09: Creekside Park renovation master plan developed.
  • 2011: Creekside Park renovation grand opening.
  • Summer 2012: Memorandum of understanding in support of a wetland restoration project at Creekside.
  • Summer 2013–present: Volunteer restoration, replanting, and maintenance.
  • 2016–17: Culvert replacement.
  • 2018 and beyond: Ongoing monitoring and maintenance