Frog Pond

Supporting a vulnerable species in Mount Burdell Preserve.


  • Provide protected aquatic habitat for the California red-legged frog and other amphibians.
  • Blend in with the natural beauty of surrounding grasslands.


  • .26 acre pond with a maximum depth of 5.5 feet that can hold .2 acre-feet of water.
  • Spillway to discharge overflow into a seasonal stream; drainpipe to help control invasive species.
  • Cattle access to allow seasonal grazing that will manage encroachment of vegetation and allow frogs to enter the pond.


  • December 2015–Spring 2018: Project planning, site assessment, design, permits
  • July 2018–October 2018: Construction and bio-monitoring
  • January 2019: Begin planting wetland vegetation
  • Fall 2020: Line pond with betonite for water retention