Kent Island Restoration

A multi-year, collaborative project to restore native habitat on Kent Island.


  • Eradicate invasive weeds and re-introduce native plants.
  • Restore habitat for endangered shorebirds like the Ridgeway's rail.
  • Maintain the beauty of the Corte Madera Creek shoreline.
  • Improve drainage to reduce flooding and improve tidal flow.


  • Invasive weed eradication, primarily by manual methods such as hand pulling.
  • Irrigation system to saltwater flood salt-sensitive invasive plant species.
  • Encourage natural proliferation of native plants to restore a thriving ecosystem.
  • Continued monitoring, early detection, and removal of invasive plants.


Project Partners

  • Audubon Canyon Ranch
  • Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary
  • Many groups of community volunteers who have worked on Kent Island over the years

This project began in 2013 with a grant of $126,341 from the federal Estuary Habitat Restoration program.


  • 2013: Federal grant received.
  • 2014–2018: Installation of saltwater irrigation system and eradication of invasive plants.
  • post 2018: Monitoring for invasive species.