Marsh Restoration

Reclaiming historic tidelands and protecting against sea level rise at McInnis Park.

McInnis Marsh lies within the historic confluence of Las Gallinas and Miller Creeks. During periods of flood and high tide, these creeks once flowed unimpeded through a network of tidal wetlands, converging in the Gallinas Baylands.

Historically, Miller Creek flowed into delta network that spread over a broad swath of bay margin. When Miller Creek flooded, water flowed south to Gallinas Creek. This connectivity was lost in the early 1900’s when levees were constructed, confining Miller Creek to a narrow 150-foot wide channel flowing to San Pablo Bay.

The property was acquired by Marin County in 1972, and developed for park use. McInnis Marsh is currently an undeveloped area within the park. The public currently enjoys hiking, biking, and dog walking on the levee top trails on the perimeter of the marsh and the project would includes the construction of a new Bay Trail connection to the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District. 

Historic map of McInnis Marsh circa 1912:

Historic Map of McInnis Marsh