Hammock Village

Chill out in the new hammock village.


  • Enliven park spaces.
  • Invite social engagement.
  • Provide new opportunities for play and relaxation along the Stafford Lake waterfront.
  • Increase the tree canopy, providing much needed shade.


  • Durable family-size rope hammocks, strung from sustainably-sourced juniper posts
  • Rope-seat 2-person swing
  • 38 newly planted trees
  • Kids zip line
  • All weather corn hole, ladder golf, and horseshoe games
  • Eco-conscious water fountain and bottle filler


  • Spring 2018: Site survey; materials and products research
  • Summer 2018: Hammock and post installation; procure lawn games and play equipment
  • Fall-Winter 2018: Bird Nest swing installation; lawn and sidewalk installation
  • Winter 2018: Plant trees
  • Fall-Winter 2019: Zip line and lawn game installation