McNears Master Plan

A new vision for McNears Beach Park, informed by community feedback.

In 2015, Marin County Parks teamed with the Office of Carol Barton to develop a plan for McNears Beach Park. The resulting Master Plan gathered recommendations for updating this beloved bayside park, which has remained mostly unchanged since the 1970s. The plan was based on five guiding principles:

  • Protect the park's character
  • Provide a universal experience
  • Improve connectivity
  • Financial sustainability
  • Ecological sustainability

Continual dialogue with the public guided the master planning process. Core stakeholders, park users, staff, local community members, and potential program partners shared input that helped to shape the landscape architect team’s understanding of the special character of the park, its needs, and the potential for future opportunities.

The plan for the 74-acre park include restoration of the pier and seawall; a boardwalk; concession; kayak rentals; pavilions and shade structures; additional picnic areas; and native gardens. For more details, read the plan document:

The Master Plan for McNears Beach Park was approved in May 2017 by the County Board of Supervisors. There are no immediate plans to fund the plan's recommended projects, which can roll out incrementally over time as funding sources, including federal and state grants, are identified.