Paradise Master Plan

A new vision for Paradise Beach Park, in collaboration with the community.

Paradise Beach Park is a 19-acre oasis tucked in the hills of the Tiburon peninsula, offering sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay. Its historic pier is of the best fishing spots in the Bay Area. The Paradise Beach Park Master Plan offers inspiration and recommendations for how to enhance the park, where no significant renovation has taken place since the 1970s. The goal of this master plan is to define Paradise Beach Park's distinct identity, address failing infrastructure, and suggest recreation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

Community outreach, including a survey, focus group sessions, and community meetings, helped gather feedback from local organizations and residents.

The plan for the park includes restoration of pier and seawall; a boardwalk; kayak rentals; pavilions and shade structures; additional picnic areas; and native gardens. For more details, read the plan document:

The Master Plan for Paradise Beach Park was approved in May 2017 by the County Board of Supervisors. There are no immediate plans to fund the plan's recommended projects, which can roll out incrementally over time as funding sources, including federal and state grants, are identified.