Dog Waste Stations

New dog waste stations prevent poo-lution.


The main goal of this project is to entice visitors to pick up and dispose of dog poo without leaving bags by the side of the trail. A successful outcome will lead to a better visitor experience, as well as improved environmental and public health conditions in public preserves.


  • Installation of 18 new dog waste stations at 10 open space preserves.
  • Dog waste stations include an improved waste receptacle and a bag dispenser with educational sign 
  • New ADA-compliant receptacles feature animal- and odor-proof top-loading doors and durable construction. 
  • Some locations feature enhanced locations further along the trail so that visitors don’t have to hold the dog poo bag for their entire hike
  • Educational messages are affixed via decals to dog waste receptacles and bag dispenser. Educational signs also accompany the stations.
  • Educational messages are strategically aimed at different types of dog-walking audiences and grounded in leave no trace research studies 


  • 2018: Planning process commenced with Measure A funds.
  • 2019: Ordered customized ADA dog waste receptacles. Identified priority dog waste locations. 
  • Summer 2020: Educational messaging strategy developed.
  • Fall 2020–Winter 2021:Prototypes installed. Dog Waste Location siting. Contractor selected for installation.
  • Winter 2021: Installations continue across 10 preserves