Mont Marin Trail

Improving trail safety in Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Preserve.

UPDATED: MAY 5, 2022

Trail Work Complete

Mont Marin Trail is open for visitors. Trail work is completed and wayfinding signs are installed.


Trail Work Begins

Construction work on the Mont Marin trail project is scheduled to begin the first week of March 2022. Please respect closure and caution signs in the area.

Project Description

The Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) is creating a sustainable, multiuse trail from the Cherry Hill neighborhood to Spring Ridge in Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Preserve. A steep social trail will be decommissioned to restore habitat and prevent erosion. This project was identified, with community feedback, as part of the Region 5 road and trail designation process. 

This project will include:

  • Creating a MCOSD multiuse trail following BMP standards, including reverse grade dips and outsloping.
  • Low rock retaining wall, and approximately 100 feet of rock trail tread across areas of shallow slope instability and low soil strength.
  • In decommissioned area, installation of erosion control blankets and coir logs to protect exposed surfaces, hold soil particles in-place, and slow runoff.
  • Revegetation of the trail corridor through the planting of native shrubs, forbes, and grasses.


  • Enhance visitor recreation and safety.
  • Reduce trail erosion and loss of habitat.
  • Implement MCOSD Road and Trail Management Plan as proposed in Region 5 designation.


  • 2017: Project identified
  • 2020–21: Project planning, including including feasibility study, cultural resources study, and biological assessments
  • Winter 2022: Construction
  • Spring 2022: Improvements complete