Ponti Ridge Trail

Converting a dilapidated and steep fire road to a trail in Pacheco Valle.


Project Outreach and Public Comment

The Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) summarized the public comments received from November 7 to December 7, 2018, during the public comment period for the draft project description. Parks worked to develop the Ponti Fire Road Project Description based on conversations with the Novato Fire Department, Marinwood Fire Department and Marin County Fire Department as well as other community stakeholders.

Public engagement opportunities included:

  • Meeting with Regency Estates HOA to discuss MCOSD fire road easement for the lower Ponti FR and the road to trail conversion.
  • Meeting with Mark Heine and the Pacheco Valle Firewise community to discuss the Ponti road to trail conversion.
  • Presented to the Marinwood Park Commission over the course of the planning to keep the commissioners informed on the project .
  • Invited stakeholder community members to a site visit to review project details.
  • Held stakeholder meetings to gain additional feedback on community interests.
  • Published a Ponti Road to Trail conversion draft project description on the Parks website and the Marinwood CSD website for a 30-day administrative comment period.
  • Presented to the Marinwood CSD and public to explain project description details, and receive feedback.

Region 3 Designation

In August 2016 the MCOSD presented a draft of the Region 3 road and trail designation for open space preserves, including Lucas Valley, Loma Verde, Pacheco Valle, Ignacio Valley, and Indian Valley. Following a careful evaluation of public comments, the MCOSD approved the Region 3 designation. This included discussion with the public about the Ponti Ridge project.