Road & Trail System Designation

Creating a sustainable system of open space roads and trails.

Road & Trail Management Plan Guidance

Consistent with the Road and Trail Management Plan pdf (RTMP), the MCOSD is in the process of designating a system of roads and trails in all open space preserves. Roads and trails eligible for consideration as part of the system must have been constructed as of November 2011. Goals outlined in the RTMP include:

  • Establish and maintain a sustainable system of roads and trails that meet design and management standards
  • Reduce the environmental impact of roads and trails on sensitive resources, habitats, riparian areas, native and special-status plant and animal species
  • Improve the visitor experience and visitor safety for all users, including hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians.

Two types of system designation maps result from this process. These maps will be updated over time as road and trail projects add to or alter the system, and to allow for changes in the permitted uses of individual roads and trails. When completed, each region will have two maps describing the following:

  • Location and status of designated roads and trails
  • Permitted uses of the designated roads and trails

Community Engagement

Community Meetings
For each region, the MCOSD will hold one or more community meetings where members of the public can review and comment on draft maps, learn the perspectives of a variety of community stakeholders, and engage with open space staff.

Public Comment Periods
For each region, the MCOSD will determine a public comment period, with a specific opening and closing date, where members of the public can offer feedback on a proposed designation via email, phone, or in-person meetings with open space staff.

Open Door Policy
Community groups and individuals are invited to contact open space staff to offer feedback and comments, or arrange a time to meet.