Old Saint Hilary's Preserve

This 122-acre Tiburon preserve offers world class views, among the best in Marin.

Rangers Recommend

  • The northern part of this 122-acre preserve is rolling grassland with rare serpentine soil. The southern section leads to the church.
  • Hike Heathcliff Fire Road to view a scenic panorama that includes the San Francisco skyline, the Golden Gate, Angel Island, Marin headlands, San Pablo Bay, San Francisco Bay, Richardson Bay, and more.
  • A babbling creek runs through the lush grasslands.
  • The historic white chapel, opened in 1888, and was designated as a historic landmark in 1955.
  • Travel through to adjoining Tiburon Uplands.
  • Dogs welcome and must be leashed on trail, and under voice command on fire roads, with leash readily available.

Naturalist Notes

  • Look for the rare Tiburon jewelflower. It grows mid-May to mid-June in shallow, rocky, serpentine soil along Vistazo Fire Road.
  • A wide variety of wildflowers blanket the hills in spring, especially in the area surrounding the church.
  • Stands of horsetail grow here. This resilient, primitive plant dates back to the time of dinosaurs.
  • American kestrels, red-tailed hawks, and northern harriers are ever present, hunting the hillsides.
  • Devoted community volunteers have pulled invasive plants here for years, saving the native flora. Lend a hand by joining a workday.
  • Check out the iNaturalist field guide. Add your own observations.


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Dogs On Leash
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Dogs Voice Control
Horseback Riding

Know Before You Go

  • Stay on roads and trails to preserve sensitive ecosystems and to avoid trespassing on private property.
  • Be courteous and safety conscious when sharing roads and trails. Go slow and say hello.
  • Do not pick or disturb wildflowers. Rare and sensitive species grow here.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. Trails can be muddy during rainy season.
  • Bring water.
  • There are no restrooms at this location.
  • Steer clear of poison oak.
  • After an outing, check for ticks.