Guiding Documents

A compendium of strategies and principles that guide our work.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Report Cover

This comprehensive, path´Čünding document sets forth a ten-year vision for the County’s parks and open spaces.

  • Projects how park and recreation needs will evolve as the County’s population ages and becomes more diverse.
  • Examines the strengths and challenges of County’s park and open space system.
  • Describes the improvements to be made and facilities to be built so that the system remains responsive to the needs of the community.
  • Identifies recommended investments and the partnerships.
  • Offers tools to gage success.

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Road and Trail Management Plan

Road and Trail Management Plan Report Cover

Developed with substantial feedback from the community, the Road and Trail Management Plan is the first inclusive, science-based, comprehensive plan to address the complex challenges of Marin County’s Open Space District roads and trails. The plan's goals are:.

  • Establish and maintain a sustainable system of roads and trails that meet design and management standards.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of roads and trails on sensitive resources, habitats, riparian areas, native and special-status plant and animal species.
  • Improve the visitor experience and visitor safety for all users, including hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians.

Read the Road and Trail Management Plan pdf.

Vegetation and Biodiversity Management Plan

Vegetation and Biodiversity Management Plan Report Cover

The primary purpose of the Vegetation and Biodiversity Management Plan for Marin County open space preserves is to provide comprehensive, long-term guidance for a new science-based approach to vegetation management that will:

  • Maintain the natural biodiversity of the vegetation within the preserves.
  • Maintain patrol, emergency and public access.
  • Manage fuel loads to reduce the threat of natural and human-caused fires.

Read the Vegetation and Biodiversity Management Plan pdf.

Inclusive Access Plan

Inclusive Access Plan Report Cover 

Marin County Parks developed the Inclusive Access Plan to increase the equitability of access to open space trails and give open space visitors increased flexibility in how they make use of the preserves according to their own abilities. It includes:

  • An evaluation of the existing inventory of pedestrian trails.
  • The identification of an initial system of Access and Discovery Trails providing access for users of all abilities to experience a variety of natural settings.
  • A framework for expanding an Improved Access Trail system. 
  • Review of and recommendations for policies and procedures, including the use of service animals, mobility devices, and visitor amenities.
  • Recommendations for methods of communicating information about trails and trail conditions.
  • Design guidelines and standards that incorporate inclusive design principles and accessible elements in new construction and reconstruction of existing open space trails.

Read the Inclusive Access Plan pdf

Regional Park Master Plans

McNears Beach Master Plan 

Community feedback informed the future vision for three Marin County regional parks.

Community Studies

Visitor Study Report Cover 

In 2019 Parks conducted an online community survey, to help identify residents' priorities for parks and open space. This followed up on visitor studies conducted in collaboration with Dr. Patrick Tierney at San Francisco State University, to gain understanding of use levels at parks, preserves and paths, and the characteristics of visitors. A pilot eco-counter program also took place at ten open space locations.