Share the Path

Be courteous. Know the rules. Be responsible. Do your part to help everyone travel safely on Marin's multiuse pathways.

Look and listen icon 

Pay attention and be aware of your surroundings. Put your headphones and phone away.

Don't block the path icon 

Keep things moving in both directions. Don't stop on the path or travel more than two abreast.

Keep right, pass left icon 

This is a two-way path so keep to the right. Faster travelers should pass on the left.

Use safe speeds icon 

The speed limit is a maximum of 15mph unless posted otherwise and is always whatever is safe under the conditions. Obey posted speed limit signs.

Call out when passing icon 

When passing, clearly call out, "Excuse me, passing left," and wait for a reaction before passing.

Scoop the poop icon 

Individuals accompanying dogs are required to clean up and remove pet waste.

Yield and be courteous icon 

Everyone must yiield the right-of-way to horses. Bikes and skateboards must also yield to pedestrians.

Leash your dog icon 

Dogs must be leashed. Leash must not exceed 6 feet. Neither the dog nor the leash should block the path.

Use lights at night icon 

Be visibile in the dark! Use front and rear lights and wear reflective clothing in dim or dark conditions.

Multiuse pathway visitors are responsible for knowing and obeying all Marin County Parks regulations. Citations will be issued for violations. See Marin County Code, Title 10.