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Hike, bike, ride, paddle, swim, play. There are 17,900 beautiful acres to explore. Find fun things to do in Marin County's 39 parks and 34 open space preserves.

Discover & Learn

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Parks naturalist notes it's time for newts and frogs. 
Rangers recommend trails with heritage oaks.

Projects & Plans

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Projects &

Parks is working to reduce fire risk, and more. Check out habitat restorationroad and trail, and park improvements.


What's Happening Now

McNears parking lot is being repaved. Parking and picnic reservations are limited through February. There will be a temporary, two-day closure this winter, dates to be announced.
Work continues through winter at the Homestead Valley Community Center pool, including infrastructure improvements and new visitor amenities.
Lifeguard and Senior Lifeguard recruitments are now open. 
Looking for data? View information about the department in the County’s Open Data Portal, including all public lands in Marin.