Redwoods Restoration

Deepening understanding of Roy's Redwoods, to set restoration priorities.


Restoration Concepts

Community members met the design team and provided feedback on the initial concepts for Roy's Redwoods restoration.

The open community meeting took place at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center on Wednesday, July 31, 2019. As a member of the One Tam collaborative, Marin County Parks is exploring concepts that will:

  • Restore the hydrologic function of the alluvial valley;
  • Improve redwood forest and wetland habitats;
  • Guide visitors through an immersive and accessible experience of the redwoods.

Project Description

In the heart of San Geronimo Valley, Roy’s Redwoods Preserve has a vital old-growth redwood forest habitat and offers visitors a unique immersive experience of these incredible trees. To better understand what makes Roy’s Redwoods special to the community, and the environmental challenges facing the preserve, Marin County Parks partnered with One Tam to complete a comprehensive analysis of the site. This included:

  • Talking with San Geronimo Valley community members
  • Gathering expert knowledge of the site’s history and ecosystem
  • A hydrologic assessment
  • Vegetation and wildlife assessments
  • Thorough review of existing literature and data on the site
  • Citizen science events to document the biodiversity of the preserve

Read the draft Site Analysis Technical Memo pdf from November 2018.


  • Restore habitat.
  • Restore hydrological function.
  • Provide opportunities for visitors to experience the old growth redwood forest while minimizing visitor impact on the ecosystem.


  • March 2017: Community Biolblitz
  • November 2017: Community Walk & Talk
  • May 2017-March 2018: Visitor Surveys
  • May 2018: Community Field Day Workshop
  • August 2018: Second Community Workshop
  • October 2018: Draft Site Analysis Technical Memo
  • 2019: Conceptual Designs
  • 2020: Design Refinement
  • 2021: Prepare Draft CEQA Document