Native Plant Nursery

Cultivating native plants and flowers for habitat restoration.


Propagating Native Species

The final phase of construction has been completed at the nursery, improving accessibility and function. Due to COVID-19, only Parks staff are working at the nursery, with no volunteers or group events being scheduled.

Coast Live Oak, Purple Needle Grass, and others are currently being grown. They will be transplanted to larger pots, then planted in open space preserves later this winter.

Project Overview

Marin is home to rare plants found nowhere else in the world, like the Tiburon jewelflower and the mariposa lily. Discoveries continue–in spring 2018 a new flowering species was identified on Ring Mountain.

The native plant nursery was designed to support the Marin County Open Space District's restoration efforts, including seed collection and cultivation, and the re-introduction of native plants in areas where they have been pushed out by invasive weeds. It also serves as a hands-on education center.

Native plant cultivation for habitat revegetation is different than growing plants for home landscaping. Parks' native plant nursery is operated in keeping with best practices for restoration horticulture.