Native Plant Nursery

Cultivating native plants for habitat restoration with community support


Project Overview

Every growing season, with the help of many dedicated volunteers, Marin County Parks native plant nursery propagates thousands of native plants for habitat restoration. Plants grown at the nursery support ongoing efforts to preserve and restore the incredible biodiversity found throughout the County’s parks and open space preserves. Plants commonly grown in the nursery include narrow leaf milkweed, toyon, sticky monkey flower, native bunch grasses, and various wetland species.

Propagating Native Species

The native plant nursery supports Marin County parks and preserves by providing site-specific plant material for habitat restoration and landscaping projects. Nursery staff and volunteers go out into the field to collect seeds near the sites where future restoration will occur. Seeds are then cleaned and sewn, and the plants tended until they are mature. In fall and winter, they are planted back into the parks and preserves. The propagation cycle can take many months and is supported by a diverse network of volunteers and community partnerships.

Cultivating plants for habitat restoration is different than growing plants for home landscaping. The nursery is operated according to the best management practices for mitigating the risk of spreading plant pathogens and diseases.