Mosaic Labyrinth

Take a meditative walk in the labyrinth near Hal Brown Park's healing garden.


  • Offer a space for reflection and healing.
  • Reflect the natural beauty of the park.
  • Enhance the park with art that connects to community.


  • 36-foot diameter lithomosaic labyrinth, designed and created by artist Rachel Rodi.
  • Over 1000 square feet total, with 360 square feet of mosaic work.
  • Central circle hand laid by the local community, under the guidance of the artist.
  • Materials include flat cut pebbles, color body porcelain, and Mexican Smalti as well as concrete.


  • Winter 2018: Site assessment; research; design.
  • May–June 2018: Site graded and concrete poured.
  • May 2018: Community mosaic build.
  • June 2018: Labyrinth opens to the public.