Roundabout Mosaic

A colorful mosaic enlivens a popular pathway and celebrates native plants.



A 300-square-foot mosaic has been installed on an existing semi-circular concrete wall along the Mill Valley/Sausalito Pathway. Over the course of eighteen months, Marin County Parks collaborated with artist Wilma Wyss and more than thirty-nine volunteers to bring this area to life. "Rising Native Flora" was informed by Marin's natural environment, and how it grows and changes over time. Native plants including flowering currant, coyote brush, and marsh saltgrass are depicted on the wall. The artwork was complemented with improved landscaping in the surrounding area.

The art wall will also be part of Parks' Dedication Program, which will provide creative options for expressing a connection to people, pets and place.  In the future, with a donation of $500 or more, a name can be added to the ceramic tile band along the bottom of the mosaic.