Bowman Canyon Area

409-acre Bowman Canyon acquisition expands Mount Burdell Preserve.

UPDATED: JUNE 29, 2020


Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) has purchased 409.18 acres on the western boundary of Mount Burdell Preserve.

This purchase was completed in two phases, using Measure A funds allocated for land acquisition. In December 2018, MCOSD purchased 167.02 acres.  In May 2020, the MCOSD purchased 242.16 additional acres.

After the first purchase, in May 2019, the Marin County Open Space Board of Directors authorized an Option to Purchase agreement, allowing MCOSD to explore opportunities to purchase more of privately held Bowman Canyon Ranch. The Board subsequently approved an amendment to the Option to Purchase Agreement and certificate of acceptance for the purchase of the additional acres.

The acquisition extends the boundary of Mount Burdell Preserve, securing this section of the Bowman Canyon Creek watershed for preservation and recreation. This land was identified as a priority conservation area by Marin County Parks’ strategic plan and Plan Bay Area. 

MCOSD is currently conducting baseline assessments of natural resources, as well as existing drainage structures, farm roads, and trails. MCOSD will continue the existing cattle grazing lease, to help manage vegetation and reduce wildfire risk.

This baseline data, additional assessments, and public input will guide long term plans.  After assessments are complete, the new parcel will go through the public designation process defined in the Road and Trail Management Plan (RTMP). Any potential future improvements will also be subject to review and compliance under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Possibilities include improving existing roads and trails, and creating connections to existing Mount Burdell trails and other public lands.

Next Steps

  • Install wayfinding signage and maps.
  • Complete biologic assessments for wildlife and vegetation.
  • Conduct assessments of existing drainage structures, roads, and trails.
  • Begin public planning process and designation in accordance with the Road and Trail Management Plan.