Octopus Junction

A multiuse connector trail in Camino Alto Preserve.


Trail Work Complete

Work on this project is complete. The trails are open to visitors.

Project Description

A network of unsanctioned trails in Camino Alto Preserve was steep, redundant, and causing unnecessary environmental impact. This project restored habitat along 2,500 linear feet of trail and provided a sustainable multiuse connector trail between Octopus Access Fire Road and Camino Alto Fire Road.

This multiuse connector trail project was identified as a priority in the 2015 road and trail designation process. It was approved by the Board of Supervisors during the Fiscal Year 2016-17 budget process.


  • Restore more than 12,000 square feet of oak and bay woodland habitat.
  • Eliminate sedimentation caused by unsanctioned trails.
  • Build a sustainable connector for visitors exploring this gateway to Mount Tamalpais.


  • 2015: Project Identified
  • June 2015–May 2016: Project Planning
  • Summer 2016Construction
  • Fall 2016Work Complete