Pathway Bridge Decks

Wood decks replaced on 100-year-old bridges along the pathway.


Bridge Decks Phase 2

New deck boards have been installed on two additional pathway bridges in Mill Valley. One bridge spans Arroyo Corte Madera del Presidio on the south end of the Bayfront Park dog park where the creek flows into Pickleweed Inlet. The second crosses an inlet tributary near Harrison Skatepark, behind Mill Valley Middle School. These deck repairs are funded by Parks Measure A.


Bridge Decks Phase 1

New deck boards have been installed on two pathway bridges in Mill Valley that allow pedestrians and cyclists to travel through Bothin Marsh Preserve. TOne bridge spans Coyote Creek where it flows into Richardson Bay. The second is 650 feet north, alongside the marsh. Old deck boards were removed, and new deck boards installed. Work was organized to take place swiftly to minimize commuter disruption along the popular pathway. 


The two northern Mill Valley/Sausalito Pathway bridges were originally constructed over a century ago, as train crossings which were later converted to pedestrian use. The Bothin Marsh bridges were added in the 1970s. The deck repairs are part of a series of safety improvements to the bridges, funded by Parks Measure A. Railings were replaced in 2015, and bridge approaches were repaved in 2017.