Spirit Nest

An experiential sculpture educates about wildfire risk, fire fuel reduction, and ecosystem preservation.


  • Educate about wildfire risk,  fire fuel reduction and ecosystem preservation.
  • Engage the community in a shared building experience.
  • Highlight the connection between nature and creativity.
  • Create a destination in the park to draw people outdoors, especially those who have never visited the park before.


  • Constructed from over 2,000 pounds of eucalyptus branches harvested during Terra Linda Preserve fire fuel reduction.
  • Carefully interwoven branches.
  • Large scale–over 20-feet high.
  • Mobility-friendly entry mat, cane rail, and interior space make the Nest accessible.
  • Designed by world-renowned artist Jayson Fann.


  • April–July 2018: Project planning, contract with artist
  • Early August 2018: Eucalyptus harvest and transport to Lagoon Park
  • Mid August 2018: Lagoon Park community build
  • August 19 2018: Lagoon Park opening celebration
  • Late August 2018: Move the Nest to Stafford Lake Park
  • August 2018–Spring 2019: Nest open to the public at Stafford Lake Park