Loop Trail

Improving a trail that crosses several streams and meanders around the preserve.


Trail Work Complete

Work is complete on this popular loop trail in Roy's Redwoods Preserve. The trail is open to visitors.

Project Description

Several at-grade stream crossings with steep approaches were contributing to sedimentation of the Lagunitas Creek watershed Rehabilitation of this area was identified as a priority project in the Fiscal Year 2015–2016 budget. Work included the installation of bridges and construction of drainage improvements along the existing trail tread.


  • Reduce sedimentation in the Lagunitas Creek watershed caused by trail use.
  • Establish an improved trail system for visitors exploring Roy's Redwoods Preserve.
  • Establish a trail system that is sustainable.


  • 2014: Project Identified
  • 2014–2015: Project Planning
  • 2016: Implementation
  • Fall 2017: Work Complete