Middle Fire Road

Maintaining emergency access in Mount Burdell Preserve.


Fire Road Improvements Completed

This project is complete and the fire road is open. The Middle Fire Road project in Mount Burdell Preserve improved 10,027 linear feet of a multiuse fire road, which was originally a legacy ranch road.

Project Description

The Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) collaborates with Marin County Fire on an ongoing basis to set priorities for open space fire road projects. This project included the following features:

  • Dewatering features added, including over 40 rolling dips, to divert seasonal streams.
  • Ditch relief culvert installed.
  • 10-foot wide armored stream crossing rebuilt.
  • Road regraded with out sloping for better seasonal drainage. 


  • Improve road stability.
  • Upgrade stream crossings.
  • Reduce trail erosion and sedimentation into the watershed.
  • Enhance visitor safety.


  • 2017: Project identified
  • 2018: Project planning, including natural resources field survey
  • 2019: Construction
  • 2020: Improvements complete