Region 3 Designation

Designating roads and trails in five central Marin preserves.


After careful evaluation of public comments, the Marin County Open Space District approved the Region 3 proposed conditional designation maps in late fall 2016.

Region 3 Use Map Thumbnail

The Region 3 Designation Map shows designated roads and trails for Region 3: Ignacio Valley, Indian Valley, Loma Verde, Lucas Valley, and Pacheco Valle Preserves.

Region 3 Designation Map Thumbnail

The Region 3 Use Map shows designated use for hikers, cyclists, and equestrians on roads and trails in Region 3 preserves.


Location Details

Region 3 is located in the middle of Marin County, west of the Ignacio and Marinwood communities. This region consists of five preserves totaling 3,537 acres. It includes the Lucas Valley, Indian Valley, Ignacio Valley, Pacheco Valle, and Loma Verde Preserves. Lucas Valley is the largest preserve in this region (1,271 acres), followed by Ignacio Valley (991 acres), Indian Valley (558 acres) and Loma Verde (320 acres). Region 3 contains approximately 30 miles of roads and trails.

This region is surrounded by varying land uses, including large private ranches to the west of the region, and between the Lucas Valley and Indian Valley Preserves. Lands managed by the Marinwood Community Service District are located to the east of the Lucas Valley Preserve and to the south of the Ignacio Valley and Pacheco Valle Preserves. Indian Valley College is located to the northeast of the Indian Valley Preserve. Residences are located to the north of the Ignacio Valley, Pacheco Valle, and Loma Verde Preserves, and to the south of the Lucas Valley Preserve.

This project was funded by Parks Measure A. Measure A Icon