Region 4 Designation

Designating roads and trails in six northern Marin preserves.


After careful evaluation of public comments, the Marin County Open Space District approved the Region 4 proposed conditional designation maps in spring 2017.

Section of Region 4 designation map

The Region 4 Designation Map shows designated roads and trails for Region 4: Deer Island, Indian Tree, Little Mountain, Mount Burdell, Rush Creek, and Verissimo Hills Preserves.

Section of Region 4 use map

The Region 4 Use Map shows designated use for hikers, cyclists, and equestrians on roads and trails in Region 4 preserves.


Location Details

Region 4 consists of six preserves totaling 2,873 acres: Mount Burdell, Little Mountain, Verissimo Hills, Indian Tree, Rush Creek, and Deer Island. It is the northernmost of the six regions, located near the City of Novato. Mount Burdell is the largest preserve in Region 4 (1,627 acres), followed by Rush Creek (522 acres), Indian Tree (242 acres), and Little Mountain (214 acres). Region 4 contains 40 miles of roads and trails.

Olompali State Historic Park is located to the north of Mount Burdell Preserve, and U.S. 101 is located east of Mount Burdell Preserve. The Rush Creek Marsh and Petaluma Marsh Wildlife Refuges, managed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, are located north of the Rush Creek Preserve. Region 4 is the only region where roads and trails are located near rural residential lands as designated by the Marin Countywide Plan.

This project was funded by Parks Measure A. Measure A Icon