Bolinas Lagoon Wye Wetlands Resiliency Project

Restoring habitat, improving road safety, and adapting to sea level rise in Bolinas Lagoon.

Project Objectives

A critical part of the broader Bolinas Lagoon North End restoration vision is reconfiguring the "Wye" intersection at the north end, where State Route 1 and the Olema-Bolinas Road meet. The Wye's roads and culverts currently block fish migration, disconnect water and sediment movement between the wetlands and streams, and prevent the wetlands and the lagoon from moving inland with sea level rise. If these issues are not addressed, important natural habitats as well as key roads will be lost.

The Bolinas Wye Wetlands Project will:

  • Improve roadway safety.
  • Reduce flooding.
  • Enhance sea level rise resilience.
  • Reconnect the watershed hydrology to restore the floodplain.
  • Enhance natural ecology and protect wildlife.

Possible Features

  • Remove the Crossover Road and elevate portions of Olema-Bolinas Road.
  • Reconnect Lewis Gulch Creek to its historic floodplain.
  • Install a creek crossing along Olema-Bolinas Road to establish a more natural stream channel.
  • Stabilize Lewis Gulch Creek using natural materials.
  • Improve fish habitat along Lewis Gulch Creek.
  • Plant native wetland species.
  • Reconfigure the State Road 1 and Olema-Bolinas Road Intersection.


A Coastal Conservancy grant of $285,000 and matching Measure A funds moved this project from conceptual to full design. 

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation awarded this project a $3.675 million grant.

The California State Coastal Conservancy/National Coastal Wetland Conservation program awarded this project a $1.5 million grant.