Bolinas Lagoon Wye Wetlands Resiliency Project

Part of a Larger Vision

Since the early 19th century, land use changes have altered the historical shoreline and watershed of Bolinas Lagoon's tributaries. At the North End of the lagoon, creeks have been highly altered, which has resulted in a loss of riparian habitat and stream function. During the winter roads regularly flood and are a barrier to anadromous fish passage. With sea-level rise, flooding will be more frequent, and there will be a greater loss of wetlands and habitat for sensitive species.

Bolinas Lagoon, a Wetland of International Importance, contains over 1,100 acres of marsh, mudflats, and subtidal and intertidal lagoon habitat that supports a variety of special status plant and animal species. Bolinas Lagoon's ecological significance and complexity require careful planning to ensure the soundness of restoration activities. The Marin Open Space District has primary responsibility for managing the lagoon's resources.

The Bolinas Lagoon Wye Wetlands Resiliency Project was developed as part of the larger Bolinas Lagoon North End Project, which aims to re-establish and rehabilitate hydrologic, geomorphic, and ecologic processes; improve habitat connectivity; increase wetland SLR resiliency; improve special-status species’ habitat; and, protect community safety by moving roads out of flood inundation areas.

The Bolinas Wye Wetlands Resiliency Project is a critical piece of this larger vision and includes key components which must take place before these broader goals can be met. Addressing infrastructure impediments is a crucial first step to restoring the north end of Bolinas Lagoon and for the longer-term vision for the North End Project. The Project is the driver for sea level rise adaptation and preventing the loss of important tidal wetlands at this site. This standalone project offers great ecological benefits and can be completed separately from the larger Bolinas Lagoon North End Project. It is an important first step for that larger effort.

Management and restoration of Bolinas Lagoon is shared with other agencies that have jurisdiction over the lagoon and its watershed, including:

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