Region 4 Designation

Creating a sustainable system of open space roads and trails.

Projects Proposed by the Public

Proposed road and trail project list:

Submitting a Public Proposal

The public may participate in identifying potential road and trail projects. New project proposals must be submitted on this form:

Individuals, organizations, trail user groups, and others interested in submitting a proposal should read the Road and Trail Management Plan (RTMP):

Road and trail projects proposed by the public are screened and evaluated based on these primary objectives of the RTMP:

  • Reduct the environmental impacts associated with the road and trail network.
  • Enhance visitor experience and safety for all users.
  • Establish and maintain a sustainable system of roads and trails.

Public Proposal Review Process

Decision making is conducted in a transparent and collaborative manner, subject to the laws, policies, and goals outlined in the RTMP. RTMP chapter 5 describes the decision-making process the MCOSD uses to determine designation, management, and maintenance of the road and trail system.

In general, Parks staff review all public proposals for completeness. When a proposal is complete it then becomes part of the annual progressive screening and evaluation of all road and trail projects. The highest priority road and trail projects that emerge must then complete for approval and funding in the MCOSD and Measure A budget development processes for the coming fiscal year.