Region 6 Designation

Designating roads and trails in southern Marin preserves.



The Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) Board of Directors approved the Road and Trail Management Plan (RTMP) and certified the associated program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) on December 16, 2014. The RTMP divided the MCOSD’s 34 open space preserves into six regions and provided a process for the public to participate in decision-making regarding the designation of existing roads and trails and for the public to propose projects for each region. This memorandum summarizes the road and trail designation process for the final region of this process; Region 6, which consists of the Bolinas Lagoon, Bothin Marsh, Old Saint Hilary’s, Tiburon Ridge and Ring Mountain open space preserves.


The purpose of the Region 6 proposed Conditional Trail Designation Map is to provide a planning document to help guide MCOSD staff efforts to implement the RTMP and future project development within Region 6 in order to improve the road and trail network. To develop the proposed Conditional Designation Map, MCOSD assessed the existing roads and trails within Region 6 and then recommended which to propose for conditional designation as part of the trail system (“system trails”). The process involved extensive site visits and meetings with stakeholders and MCOSD staff, including a public meeting on November 17, 2021.

The three maps which comprise the proposed Conditional Trail Designation Map are featured above, and each focus on a single preserve. Bolinas Lagoon and Bothin Marsh preserves are largely tidal influenced marsh land; therefore, no trails were identified as designated trails in these preserves as part of the Region 6 designation process. 

The proposed Conditional Trail Designation Map includes the following:

  • The continued designation of current system trails are shown in black, and the fire roads are shown in white. These existing roads and trails are those currently signed and maintained by the MCOSD. Designated use categories continue to be hiking only trails and multiuse roads (hike, bike, horse). 
  • Provisional designations for proposed system trail adoptions, shown in purple. These trails are subject to future resource studies and planning processes prior to official designation.
  • Trails not proposed for adoption as part of the system trail network, shown in red. These trails will be considered for decommissioning, consistent with RTMP policies, and subject to additional evaluation and planning processes.