Region 6 Designation

Designating roads and trails in southern Marin preserves.


Public Meeting and Comment Period

MCOSD staff hosted a public meeting on Wednesday, November 17th, 2021. At this meeting, MCOSD staff presented information on the goals of the planning process, the draft proposed conditional Trail Designation Maps for Region 6, including Ring Mountain., Old St. Hilary’s and Tiburon Ridge Open Space Preserves, and directed the audience to the Region 6 webpage to solicit comments. The webpage included downloadable maps, a list of FAQs, the Zoom recording of the public meeting and comment forms. These materials were available online for the duration of the two-month public comment period, November 18th – January 18th. Forty-four members of the public attended the live meeting and during the public comment period 66 comments were received from the community.

The most commented aspects on Region 6 Draft Trail Designation Maps are summarized below.

  • Support for the proposed trail adoptions at Ring Mountain, Old St. Hilary’s, and Tiburon Ridge Open Space Preserves
  • Concern that trails 221 and 311 at Ring Mountain Preserve are not being proposed for adoption, commenters expressed support that these trails should be proposed for adoption and designation 
  • Support to realign the Phyllis Ellman and Loop Trails at Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve, as recommended 
  • Concern about the proposed designation of trail 206 at Old St. Hilary Open Space Preserve, commenters propose trail 206 not be proposed for adoption
  • Concern that not enough non-system trails are not proposed for adoption 
  • Support for recommending that some non-system trails are not designated as system trails, and thereby reducing habitat fragmentation 
  • Support to propose trail adoptions with a priority goal of protecting sensitive natural resources
  • Support for recommending adopting and designating trails which would allow for legal dog walking
  • Concern that proposing to adopt some trails may create new trailheads and have potential to cause neighborhood issues 

Region 6 Designation Map Modifications 

Based on the comments received, the MCOSD has modified the Ring Mountain and Old St. Hilary’s proposed Conditional Trail Designation Map with the following

  • Trail 221 and half of trail 311 has been changed to; proposed for adoption on the Ring Mountain Trail Designation Map
  • Trail 206 has been changed to “not proposed for adoption” on the Old St. Hilary’s Trail Designation Map

Region 6 Designation Process - Next Steps

MCOSD will develop a planning process that includes prioritizing the trail adoptions around the summit of Ring Mountain for improvements and official designation. Planning for all future projects will include a detailed evaluation of the proposed conditional trail designations, including resource studies, preparation of environmental documents pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act, and public involvement. For more information contact: Jon Campo, Principal Natural Resources Planner, (415) 473-2686.